Saturday, March 3, 2012

Deployment 2012

 Well, the time has come.. we hoped to get away without another deployment but, it didn't happen for us. Rodney was sent away on a 7 month deployment 6 days ago. This is his 3rd deployment, his 2nd since we've been together, and his 1st since we've had kids. The kids aren't too happy with the idea, especially Rodney Jr. But, we're all proud of our Navy guy and we'll hold down the home front so he can help protect our country!!! We'll miss you babe!! MUAH!!!

 These photos are courtesy of my friend Melissa whose husband is also on the ship. I know, shame on  me for not taking a camera every where I go but, that will all change. I bought a bigger purse to fit my 'smaller' camera in so, now I'll have it to document everything we do while Rodney is away!

 This is me talking on the phone to Rodney. He's standing across from me on the boat with the red hat on.

Our Hero!!!

 These are the kiddos.. Mason (Melissa's son), Tristan, Rodney Jr, and Tatum

 It was FREEZING that morning so Melissa bundled the kids up under a blanket.

 These are some random sailors talking to their girls across the pier.

 Mason, Tristan, and Tatum enjoying some goldfish.

 Afterwards we went to breakfast....

And then for a ride on the carousel in the mall to keep our minds off of the fact that we just said goodbye for a REALLY long time!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Preparing for Hurricane Irene

In 2003, Rodney and I faced our first 'major' hurricane together. I was so excited to learn that Hurriane Isabel was coming and I expected something extaordinary when it got here. We lived in a little apartment at the time with just one window and one sliding glass door. I was ready for the thrill of a lifetime and I was scared at the same time. It started to rain and the wind picked up and I remember asking Rodney, "Where is the hurricane?" "This IS the hurricane.", was not the answer I wanted to get. I was expecting so much more. We watched for a while as one little tree out of our window kept bending backwards but never broke. I was not satisfied. Was this what I was waiting for? So, we did what any young and dumb kids would do, we got in our Durango in the middle of the hurricane and drove to the beach. I did not get out of the car because of course I did not want to get drenched but, Rodney and his friend Tony walked up the sand dunes to see the massive waves. On the way back to the apartment, I was able to see all the flooded roads and the broken trees.. this was worse than what I could see from inside our tiny apartment. The next day we drove around to see entire trees fallen on peoples houses, roads closed because of trees and debris laying all over the place, and we went without power for 4 days.
This year will be our second hurricane. Hurricane Irene is quickly approaching. It's barreling through the Bahamas at the moment as a Category 3. From there it will make a turn and hit the shores of North Carolina (just below us), as possibly at Category 3 or 4. Saturday, we will get hit with a Category 2 or 3. It's a little different this time around. We have 3 kids now, and Rodney got sent out on his ship this morning. 27 ships were evacuated so that they are not damaged by the storms. That leaves the military families behind to fend for ourselves. Quite a few people are choosing to leave and some are getting a little over prepared but, I just remember the thoughts of the first hurricane and can't blame them for being a little freaked out. The locals, of course, are brushing it off and aren't expecting anything as bad as the weatherman is promising. As for me, I plan on staying put. We live in a three story townhouse with a direct view of the ocean across the marsh. I stocked up on hot dogs and flash lights and have my flashlights ready to go. I'm excited to have the best seat in the house without having to get wet! (Lets just pray that there's no flooding!) So, today I took the kids to the beach to watch all the ships leaving the area. They pulled out one after another with Rodney's ship being the last to go. You can feel that the breeze is starting to pick up but it is still HOT out there with the temp being 90 degrees. The kids decided it would be a good idea to jump in the ocean fully clothed. So, when I meet an opportunity to take some great pictures.. I never pass it up!!

Rodney's ship is the furthest to the right.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's Been Too Long

I know I've neglected this blog for a year now. Life has a way of getting too hectic and busy and before you know it, time has just passed right by. I sat down the other day looking for a picture and Tatum and I had so much fun looking through all these old posts. It amazes me how much these kids have grown and, although a lot has happened in the last year, there is now way too much to catch up on now. But, I'm starting this blog up again so I don't miss out on documenting their growing up.

We have moved out of PA and back to VA for the next 3 years. The weather is starting to warm up and we're already taking advantage of being next to the beach. These photos are from last weekend when we took the kids on their first bike ride away from home.

Tristan 3yr

Rodney 6yr

Tatum 5yr

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Zumbathon 2010

I know it has been SO LONG since I have update this blog and I do appologize! I have a LOT to catch you up on but I would like to start by posting pics of this years Zumbathon. This was a benefit held in honor of my mom, who was a Zumba instructor up until she got sick and couldn't do it anymore. All the proceeds went to the Relay for Life in her name and we did AWESOME! We are hoping to make this an annual event and hopefully next year we will have a bigger turnout!

Me and my sis, ("Today my angel dances... Zumba in Heaven!")

Tatum and my friend Erin at my vendor table.

Tatum and Tristan with Pappy Rich

The girls in action!

This is the instructor of my Zumba classes! She kicks some serious butt!

My sis Zumba-ing!

Linda Maus. Queen of Zumba! We met her last year when she instructed another benefit for my mom at Calico Jacks. She was kind enough to join us here this year to instruct a few dances. No one Zumba's like this girl! Good luck trying to keep up!!

Thanks Marianne and all the instructors who helped out for this Zumbathon! See you next year!!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 2010! We are of course, staying busy around here. Rodney has been working two jobs, I myself have been working about 100! haha. I am still busy with the Scentsy business. I LOVE this product and I will continue to sell it as long as possible! I am also starting a new venture with Premier Designs Jewelry! Hopefully that will catch on even faster than the Scentsy! The kids are good, rowdy as usual! The house is on the market and hopefully we'll be getting some bites soon! Washington state is only 4-5 months away and we're all excited!

Just wanted to share a FREE offer to you... You can order a FREE 8X10 canvas print from the
Canvas People and only pay for shipping. I ordered one of my mom and I. I'm not sure when this offer is up so, jump on it!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas!

The Holidays were very good to us this year. A week before Christmas, Rodney's parents and brothers came into town for a Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner with us which, of course, was yummy! On Christmas we went to my brother's bar and grill for Christmas dinner and then on the 26th we had a BIG family dinner at our house. It's nice to be close to family for the holidays and we really enjoyed ourselves and I think Mom was never far from everyone's mind but, I'm proud of us all for getting through it for her! She WAS Christmas for all of us and we definatley missed her!


Tristan get's his favorite movie.. BOLT!

Airplane from Grandma Hanson

Rodney, Tatum and Tristan at work!
I think Tristan likes this one! haha

Tristan get's a Leapster 2 for Christmas!

My Christmas presents!! :c) Santa spoiled me this year!!
The pile of Christmas presents on the 26th

notice that all of our decorations had to be at the top of the tree this year...

Tatum is sooo excited to get Snow White....

....THANK YOU soooo much Pappy Rich!

Wii games for Rodney Jr.

Paige gets a Pens jersey from Pappy Rich

Tatum shows Pappy Rich his golf outing gift
Santa Claus was a sneaky Claus this year and didn't tell Mrs. Claus everything the kids were getting this year... I thought Rodney Jr. was getting a Leapster 2 for Christmas but Santa Claus was so worried because all Rodney Jr. asked for was a Nintendo DS. Needless to say, Mrs. Claus was surprised when Rodney Jr. opened a Nintendo DS and Tristan opened a Leapster 2!!
Santa Claus did most of the spoiling this year but he was excited to get tickets to see Jeff Dunham this January and we are BOTH excited to plan that night out!!