Saturday, March 3, 2012

Deployment 2012

 Well, the time has come.. we hoped to get away without another deployment but, it didn't happen for us. Rodney was sent away on a 7 month deployment 6 days ago. This is his 3rd deployment, his 2nd since we've been together, and his 1st since we've had kids. The kids aren't too happy with the idea, especially Rodney Jr. But, we're all proud of our Navy guy and we'll hold down the home front so he can help protect our country!!! We'll miss you babe!! MUAH!!!

 These photos are courtesy of my friend Melissa whose husband is also on the ship. I know, shame on  me for not taking a camera every where I go but, that will all change. I bought a bigger purse to fit my 'smaller' camera in so, now I'll have it to document everything we do while Rodney is away!

 This is me talking on the phone to Rodney. He's standing across from me on the boat with the red hat on.

Our Hero!!!

 These are the kiddos.. Mason (Melissa's son), Tristan, Rodney Jr, and Tatum

 It was FREEZING that morning so Melissa bundled the kids up under a blanket.

 These are some random sailors talking to their girls across the pier.

 Mason, Tristan, and Tatum enjoying some goldfish.

 Afterwards we went to breakfast....

And then for a ride on the carousel in the mall to keep our minds off of the fact that we just said goodbye for a REALLY long time!!!!

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